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Will Electronic Cigarettes Eventually Replace Tobacco Analogs?

When Hon Lik’s invention was introduced to worldwide markets in 2006, it gained instant acceptance and popularity. Even though the electronic cigarette contains only nicotine and no tobacco, many people actually took a liking for it. Since then, the number of users has been on a steady increase. But can e-cigarettes completely replace tobacco ones in the future?

One of the major reasons why people might just prefer e-cigarettes over tobacco analogs is the cost involved. It is no secret that tobacco prices have been on a rise in recent times. Given the increasing costs to maintain a smoking habit, e-cigarettes provide an economical solution to the problem. With these devices, the cost involved is more of a one-time affair. According to a study conducted and published by Etter and Bullen in the journal Addiction in 2011, over 57% of the respondents were found to have chosen electronic cigarettes because they were more affordable than regular ones.

Another reason for the eventual extinction of tobacco cigarettes is that e-cigarettes actually help people quit smoking. A study published by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in early 2011 states that almost 31% of those who tried e-cigarettes said they quit smoking within the first six months of use. In fact, eCigs are said to have higher success rates when compared to other tobacco quitting methods such as nicotine gums and patches.

The health benefits of using e-cigarettes over analogs have also been researched. It has been reported in the past that e-cigs do not contain several of the toxic chemicals that occur in regular ones. The BMC Public Health journal carried a report stating that smokers who tried e-cigs showed signs of improved breathing, less coughing, and felt physically fitter than before. They even liked the fact that these devices came in a variety of flavors, which they preferred over the taste of tobacco cigarettes.

E-cigarettes aren’t exactly the healthiest devices to use in the world, but if these statistics are any indication, they might just replace analogs completely in the future.


Choosing the Best KR808D-1 E-Cigarette

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you already know there are dozens of e-cigarette models to choose from. But there is one that manages to perfectly combine great performance with a slick look, and that is the KR808D-1.


The first time I came across the KR808D-1 series was while reading a Halo G6 review, about a year ago. I had heard this particular e-cigarette was a class above all the other similar models, so I decided to find out more about it. I ended up buying the Halo G6, and honesty, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Unlike the brands I had tried before, this slim e-cig produced plumes of thick vapor, its batteries would last me a whole day and the cartomizers didn’t burn.


But since then, I’ve moved on to other KR808D-1 e-cigarettes, like the Bloog MaxFussion and the Smokeless Image Volt. Both of them are really great electronic cigarettes, but if I were to choose one as my favorite, I would go for the Volt. Yiu just can’t beat the price of this device, or the quality of the customer support that goes with it. Many brands will offer you lifetime warranties on their products, but few of them actually stay true to their claims.


Being a fan of the KR808D-1, I am now looking to try out the new Vapor King, an e-cig famous for the long cutoff times of its manual battery. This allows the vapor to drag on it as long as he wants, without damaging the device, or putting himself in danger. There are a lot of great reviews on this one, but I have to try it for my self. In the mean time, if you’re looking for a slick-looking electronic cigarette with great performance you can’t go wrong with any KR808D-1, regardless of the brand.



Are E-Cigarettes Safer than Smokeless Tobacco?

A lot of folks view smokeless tobacco as a healthy alternative to smoking, but in reality nothing could be further than the truth. Unlike personal vaporizers, chewing tobacco poses some serious risks.

Tobacco tends to be considered hazardous to our health only when it’s smoked, but studies have shown smokeless tobacco also contains a lot of known cancer-inducing chemicals. So while you may think putting a chunk of this stuff in your mouth is a safer alternative to smoking, it’s almost just as dangerous. People who use smokeless tobacco have a very high risk of developing cancer in the oral cavity, larynx, pharynx or esophagus and a precancerous condition known as leukoplakia, which is identified as white patches on the lips and inside of the cheeks.

Other problems smokeless tobacco users are prone to include various teeth and gum problems, a severe loss of taste and smell, problems chewing and swallowing food and painful soars that are very difficult to cure. Also this stuff is known to be even more addictive that analog cigs, because of the high levels of nicotine it contains.

E-Cigarette juice, on the other hand, contains only substances that have been proven safe for the human body, and nicotine. So if you’re looking for a less dangerous alternative to smoking, electronic cigarettes might just be your best bet.



Are Electronic Cigarettes Worth the Money?

It’s true an e-cigarette starter kit costs considerably more than a pack of analogs, but it’s a lot cheaper in the long run and has a lot of benefits.

A pack of cigs costs $6 on average, while, according to the best e-cigarette reviews, a medium level electronic cigarette starter kit averages around $60. Yes that’s ten times more, and unfortunately a lot of people are scared away by the significant price difference, but what most of them don’t realize is this is the only big investment they’ll have to make. A lot of suppliers offer lifetime warranty for batteries, so all they’ll have to spend money on is atomizers and flavors. If used correctly atomizers can last up to a year, and a cartomizer lasts at least as long as an entire pack of analogs and costs just $2.

Smokers who want to kick the habit for a healthier alternative should look at buying their first personal vaporizer as an investment. Unfortunately, many of them choose to buy low-end e-cigarettes that perform poorly and push them right back to smoking analogs. Premium e-cigarettes on the other hand are known to be cheaper in the long-run and have been known to help people beat nicotine addiction.

And if the ultimately lower price of electronic cigarettes over a long period of time isn’t enough to convince you to give them a try, the health benefits definitely should be. If you’ve tried patches, inhalers and got no results, you probably need oral fixation to help you quit smoking, and that’s exactly why e-cigs are so effective and totally worth their price.



The Anatomy of an Electronic Cigarette

Whether you’re using a 3-piece or a 2-piece electronic cigarette, they have pretty much the same parts, only wrapped in different packages.

Basically, an e-cigarette is made up of three important components: the battery, the atomizer and the flavor cartridge. The battery usually comes with a colored LED which lights up every time the vaporizer is activated. Manual batteries also feature a little button which a lot of experience vapers prefer because it gives them more control over the unit’s vapor production. As you probably already figured out, the main role of an electronic cigarette battery is to power the atomizer.

The atomizer is what makes the magic happen inside an e-cig. It is a heating element similar to a light bulb resistance. When activated it converts the e-liquid into vapor almost instantly. There are several types of atomizers available, differing in design and threading, and while some produce more vapors while others deliver a better throat hit, they all work pretty much the same way. Just like light bulbs, atomizers have a relatively short life span, so be prepared to stock up on them.

Finally, the flavor cartridges contain the e-liquid that gets turned to vapor. There are different kinds of cartridges available, some with polyfill that can hold up to 30 drops of e-juice, and others with a tank that can easily be filled with a syringe. Tanks are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, mostly because they eliminate the risk of bacteria growing in the polyfill.

In the new 2-piece model e-cigarettes, the atomizer and flavor cartridge have been compressed in a single package called a cartomizer, or carto, for short, but they function pretty much the same way.



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Common Problems Affecting Even the Best E-Cigarettes

Even the best e-cigarettes on the market can sometimes be affected by a series of problems, and it’s important to know what these are so you can better handle them.

Regardless of the reputation of your e-cigarette brand, you’re bound to run into some problems with it eventually. Not even the best electronic cigarette is immune to defects, especially under heavy vaping, and that’s why it’s important to know what the most common are, so you can best deal with them.

The most important problematic component of 3-piece e-cigs is the atomizer, which usually breaks down after a few months, even earlier under intense vaping. When this happens, the only solution is replacing the burned atomizer with a new one, so make sure you have plenty of them around, or you’ll have to take an unwanted break from vaping. Luckily, the new 2-piece model includes a brand new atomizer with each new flavor cartridge, and replacing the atomizer isn’t that big of a deal anymore.

Batteries are also prone to defaults, whether it’s the LED tip not lighting up when it should, or the device getting activated when it shouldn’t. While the LED issue isn’t that important, the batteries getting activated by a series of factors is pretty serious because it depletes the energy, leaving you with a useless empty battery when you least expected. Known factors include loud noises and violent handling of the devices, so you have to be careful where you keep them.

Another problem of e-cigarettes is leaking of the cartridges, which leads to the user drawing in unwanted e-juice instead of tasty vapor. This means that either the cartridges are defective and need to be replaced, or you’re adding too much e-juice in an attempt to get more vapor.